Due to the rapid growth of Cembrane, we have decided to expand our team. Thus, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Ali Farsi as our new Research & Development Manager. He will further develop our membrane technology with the objective of continuously bringing down cost while improving performance even further, to keep us in the forefront of innovation.

Dr. Ali Farsi is the first PhD in ceramic membranes for liquid filtration pioneering in research and development of Silicon Carbide membranes for water purification. He has received a PhD degree from Aalborg University with dozens of publications and scientific contributions to the development of Silicon Carbide membranes.

On his new position, Dr. Ali Farsi stated: “Through my research of several types of membranes ranging from Micro-, Ultra- and Nano-filtration in different materials such as Oxide ceramics (Alumina, Titania, Silica & Zirconia), polymeric membranes and Silicon Carbide (SiC), I found that SiC membranes exhibit unprecedented performance in water purification. Being able to be part of an innovative company such as Cembrane and working exclusively with Silicon Carbide has been a focus of mine as I strongly believe the future of membrane filtration belongs to Silicon Carbide”.

Sebastian Andreassen