Our alliance partner Cerafiltec, has successfully started up its brackish groundwater RO pre-treatment plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an unparalleled performance. The pilot is producing up to 170 m³/d with only one filtration module with a filter area of 6.0 m². It is the first time that a ceramic flat-sheet membrane is operating at flux rates of 1.000 LMH and well beyond. This not only allows for an unprecedented compact system, but also tremendous savings in CAPEX & OPEX making it a highly competitive solution to polymeric membranes and Multi Media Filters (MMF): 

  • UF removal target pre-RO: Fe, Mn & Radium removal

  • UF permeate turbidity: 0,1 NTU

  • UF permeate SDI: <0,2

  • Flux rate: 1.000 LMH (peak at 1.200 LMH)

  • Average TMP: -0,18 bar

  • Recovery rate: 99,8%

  • Specific energy: 0,02 kWh/m3

  • Specific membrane footprint: 2.000 m3/day pr. m2 footprint

Check out the video of one of the daily backwashes

Martin Bastrup Bruun