Drinking water treatment

Our SiC ceramic membranes enable a durable, economical and reliable treatment with maximum removal of heavy metals, TSS, organics, silt, bacteria, dissolved organics and algae whether for RO pre-treatment or direct drinking water consumption.

Operational features & benefits

  • Flux rate upwards of 10x organic membranes

  • Low footprint

  • Low energy consumption

  • High recovery (close to 100% mass balance)

  • High solids loading tolerance

  • No need for pre-filtration

  • Life expectancy of >20 years

typical contaminants removed by cembrane

  • Heavy metals

    • Arsenic

    • Fe

    • Mn

    • Nickel

  • Silt

  • Radium

  • Pathogens

  • Bacteria

  • Suspended Solids

Due to that, Cembrane flat sheet membranes are increasingly becoming the preferred techno-commercial solution compared to Sandfilters or Polymer membranes.

Application EXAMPLES

  • Sandfilter upgrades

  • Brackish & sweet ground water

  • Sea Water pre-RO

  • Surface water

  • Sandfilter backwash water from UF & Sandfilters