Cembrane is proud to announce receiving an order for its New Generation Ceramic membranes from a large industrial group in the Middle East treating 250 m3/day challenging industrial wastewater. Conducting pilot testing in 2015 with Cembrane’ s unique technology, convinced the customer to place the order.

The particular site was equipped with polymer membranes that demonstrated difficulties coping with the challenging wastewater due to the presence of oil and high temperature of the water.

The New Generation Ceramic membrane from Cembrane demonstrated no difficulties due to the unique performance in oil and hot water of the technology. The pilot also proved that the membranes were able to treat the water with a flow rate pr. square meter membrane around 4 times higher than the polymer membranes. The higher flow rate results in a significantly lower installation footprint making it possible to perform the future scheduled expansion of the plant without having to expand the membrane tank.

The installation is scheduled to be finalized in February of 2016.

Sebastian Andreassen